Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So, I have been MIA in 2011 for quite sometime! So now I am not quite sure where to begin from here?! To be real honest I feel quite disappointed in myself for not documenting this past year because it was an amazing year! To sum it up Jackson turned 4, Collin turned 2, I started working full time at the most amazing job, and brad works full time for the church. We had our 6 year anniversary. The part that is missing is all the fun and adventures that those two boys have given us this year. This past year has of course had it's valley's as well as it's mountains, but no matter what we are so blessed!

So for 2012 my goal is consistency, More consistent in all areas of my life including this blog, along with working-out, cooking, reading,etc. I feel like I do this every year, so determined to be better yet somewhere in the year I fall off the wagon. Maybe this will be the year I don't, but does anyone really keep one of their goals (resolutions) for a whole year? It shouldn't really be that hard right? I keep lots of commitments, the one with my Savior, the one to my husband, being a mother, going to work every day.....yet I can't keep this small one, writing about this blessed life. Hopefully it will be different this year, yes it is going to be!!

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